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You have been asking for more ways you can control and increase your exposure on Jane. We’re excited to announce we’re relaunching Flash Deals, in a new way, to give you just that. Flash Deals are back baby!  Here's what we'll cover in this article:

How Flash Deals work
Requirements for running a Flash Deal
How to submit a Flash Deal application
How Flash Deals benefits you
Marketing exposure
A visual preview of Flash Deals

How Flash Deals Work

Flash Deals are high-visibility, high-demand listings, hand-selected by our merchandising team. Limited to 10 deals a day, our merchandising team will select Flash Deal products based on “the bests”: the best product, the best price, and the best experience.  These deals will last for 24 hours only, or until sold out, whichever happens first. Sold-out deals will continue to be sown for the remainder of the 24-hour period with a “Sold Out” banner. After 24 hours, the product price will revert back to its previous price prior to running as a Flash Deal. 

With a limit of 10 per day and the high visibility of these deals, the competition to be included will be VERY high! We want in-season products that meet the requirements outlined below. When considering products to submit, please only send us your top products with strong previous sales or high confidence in success for new products, at the best possible pricing you can offer. 

Requirements for Jane’s Flash Deals 

General Requirements
  • Minimum 15% discount from last deal run on Jane  
  • The lowest price on Jane and comparable platforms 
  • Product is live on site 
  • Consistent sales history 
  • % of 1 star reviews are exceptionally low 
  • Order to delivery time within 7 days 
  • A full assortment of sizes and styles must be available 
  • Guaranteed discounted pricing for the duration of the 24-hour promotional period 
  • Seasonally relevant products 

Seasonality & Trends

    • Please refer to the below links of product gaps and category drivers that we aim to promote through this Fall and Holiday season:
    • Keep up with what’s trending on Jane and other sites and be sure to comp shop your product to ensure you’re offering the best price possible.
    • Refer to your historical drivers for the fall/holiday season.
    • Refer to Jane’s upcoming marketing events to offer products that align with our campaigns.


How to submit a Flash Deal application

Click the "Submit a Flash Deal Application" button above and you'll be directed to a form to fill out on an application called Airtable. You'll be required to sign up for an account before filling out the form. It's super simple and free. Once you've set up your account, or logged in, fill out the short form, keeping in mind the requirements above, and we'll get back to your shortly with an answer.


How Flash Deals benefits you

Increased Exposure: When a product is featured as a Flash Deal, it is prominently displayed in areas of the site, app, email, and coordinated marketing efforts. This will increase its visibility to shoppers who may not have discovered your listings otherwise. More details below on how we will be promoting Flash Deals to customers.

Increased Sales: In a marketplace, Flash deals are an effective way to drive sales and increase the visibility of products. The limited time and inventory during the promotion creates a sense of urgency among customers, which generally drives higher sales volumes during the promotional period.

Post Flash Deal Exposure: A new dynamic of marketplace is your product will still be available to buy after the Flash Deal is over. This means any post Flash Deal traffic will still be directed to your product at its regular price. So, if a customer missed out on the drop in price, and can’t live without it, they can still get it!

Boosted reviews: A spike in sales generated through Jane’s Flash Deals can increase the number of reviews you receive in a short window of time, which could boost the product's overall ranking long term (as long as they’re positive reviews 😉).

Marketing Exposure

    • A dedicated section on the discover tab for both iOS and Android 
    • In-feed ads on all platforms 
    • A special tag on Flash Deals that visually sets them apart in all feeds 
    • A dedicated link in the home page (bubbles at the top of the page) 
    • A Flash Deals link in the main navigation for web customers 
    • A daily marketing strategy dedicated to Flash deals which will include: 
    • Placement at the top of the daily morning email 
    • Push notifications
    • Paid social 
    • Organic social posts 
    • New customer drip email campaign 
    • Increased daily organic traffic from customers checking Flash Deals 


A visual preview of Flash Deals

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