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Accessories Booking Guidelines

Below you will find comprehensive guidelines on how to categorize and apply attributes to specific product types.
Bags & Handbags

Product Type 




A bag with shoulder straps that allow it to be carried on one's back. 

School, zipper, large, nylon 

Bag Organizers 

A removable insert for a larger bag that offers organizational features. 

Organization, pockets 

Bag Straps 

A single detachable strap that can be moved from bag to another. 

Beaded, clips, woven, adjustable 

Beach Bags 

A large tote used specifically for the beach, lake, or pool. Made of materials such as mesh, canvas, nylon, or rubber. Typically, waterproof.  

Beach, lake, pool, vacation, summer, waterproof, canvas, large, oversized 


This style is able to be worn across the chest. Usually has an adjustable strap and is small to medium in size.   

Trendy, adjustable, strap, canvas, nylon, faux leather, zipper, pocket  

Dry Bags 

A waterproof bag that is used outdoors, typically on lakes and beaches, to protect valuable items.  

Waterproof, clip, buckle, travel, vacation, lake, pool, beach 


A large/oversized bag that contains a zipper used for travel.  

Oversized, travel, vacation, leather, faux lather, zipper 


A small bag designed to be worn around the waist. Can also be worn across the chest.  

Travel, compact, nylon, zipper, adjustable, trendy, small 

Handbag Totes 

A large tote with no zipper. Will typically be made of a faux leather design and used for everyday carrying.  

Faux leather, leather, pocket, large, two tone 


A rectangular bag that is large enough to carry papers, books, etc., and that usually has a wide shoulder strap and a flap that typically covers the opening and much or all of the front of the bag. 

School, large, pocket, adjustable, canvas 

Pouches and Clutches 

A medium to small size bag with no handles. May have a zipper or snap closure.  

Small, zipper, wristlet, woven, summer, compact 


A satchel bag is a mid to large-size bag, usually structured with a flat bottom and two short handles on the top, reminiscent of a shoulder bag. Similar in style and function to a leather briefcase, it often features an adjustable crossbody strap. 


Faux Leather, leather, handles, pocket, zipper, accent 


It has 2 handles that fit over the shoulder.  

Zipper, pocket, handles, faux leather, leather, woven 


A large bag used for carrying a number of items. Does not have a zipper. Typically made of canvas, nylon, or neoprene.  

Canvas, graphic, printed, reusable, teacher, school 


Product Type 




A strip of leather or other material worn around the waist in order to support clothes. 

Adjustable, Leather, Faux Leather, 



A long strip or loop of cloth worn over one shoulder or around the waist. 

Wedding, bachelorette, satin, silk 


A pair of straps that pass over the shoulders and attach to the waistband pants to hold them up. 

Adjustable, stretchy, clips 


Product Type 




A covering for the hand worn for protection against cold or dirt having separate parts for each finger and the thumb. 

Warm, Outdoors, Cotton, Knit, Stretchy, Cozy. 



A small, flat, usually pocket-size device containing chemicals, hot liquids, or a battery-operated heating element, for warming the hands. 

Warm, Woven, Cotton, Knit, Outdoors, Camping. 


A glove with two sections, one for the thumb and the other for all four fingers. 

Warm, Woven, Cotton, Kit, Outdoors, Knit, Cozy. 

Hair Accessories

Product Type 



Bun Maker 

A donut-shaped foam hair piece that allows the hair to be pulled back in a twist or bun without the use of bobby pins or claw clips. 

Hair, wedding part,  

Ear Warmers 

One of a pair of ear coverings connected by a flexible band and worn as protection against cold. 

Warm, outdoors, fleece, protection. 

Hair Bows 

A decorative bow, worn in the hair. 

Satin, bow, hair. 

Hair Clips 

A fastening device designed to hold hair in place. 

Hair, metal, clips. 

Hair Pins 

A hair pin or small, thin clip. 


Hair, clips, essentials, basic, simple.  

Hair Ties 

A circle of material that stretches, used for holding hair in place or holding long hair at the back or top of the head. 

Stretchy, multipack, simple, basic, essentials. 


A band of fabric worn around the head as a decoration or to keep the hair back. 

Fabric, solid, hair. 


A square of fabric worn as a covering for the head, or folded into a triangle and knotted. 


Satin, silk, adjustable, hair soft.  


A circular band of fabric-covered elastic used for holding the hair. 


Stretchy, round, satin, fabric, hair, silk, cotton. 


Consisting of a long length of cotton or silk wound around a cap or the head. 

Fabric, cotton, silk. 


Product Type 





A small close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head. 

Knit, warm, outdoors, cozy, casual. 


A simple soft cloth hat with a brim. 

Protection, sun, outdoors, 90’s, fabric, stitching. 


A soft, flat hat, typically with a visor. 

Sun, protection, fabric, stitching, breathable, athleisure, casual. 

Floppy Hat 

A hat with a brim around it often worn outdoors for protection from the sun. 

Sun, vacation, summer, protection, woven, boho, outdoors. 

Messy Bun/Ponytail Hat 

Hats with a hole on the top. The hole is slightly stretch so that you can push hair through. 

Athleisure, athletic, gym, workout, sun, outdoors, protection, casual. 

Ski Masks 

A protective covering for the head and face, with holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth. 

Sport, outdoors, warm, protection, breathable. 

Trucker Hat 

A type of baseball cap with a mesh cap or netback cap. 

Sun, outdoors, casual, protection, fabric, foam. 


A stiff brim with a strap or at the front of a cap. 

Sun, protection, outdoors, fabric, essentials, simple, basic. 


Product Type 



Blanket Scarves 

Large scarf that is able to be draped over the shoulders. Similar to a poncho. However, if it has arm holes, it would be classified as women's clothing. 

Plaid, Fringe, Tassel, Warm, Oversized 

Infinity Scarves 

A scarf circular in shape with no end.  

Chunky, Warm, Woven, Outdoors, Kint, Cotton 



Includes all other scarves 

Warm, woven, knit, tassel, long, fringe, plaid, satin, chiffon, lightweight 



Sunglasses & Eyewear

Product Type 



Glasses Frames 

Glasses with no prescription, and clear lens. Blue light glasses would fall into this product type. 

Bluelight, acrylic, tortoise,  

Prescription Glasses 

Glasses that offer a specific custom prescription. 

Acrylic, lightweight 

Reading Glasses 

Reading glasses are non-prescription, over-the-counter, glasses designed for temporary use to improve near vision 


Thick, Acrylic 


Glasses with UV protection or a tinted lens. 

Sun, Tint, Protection, Vacation, Summer 



Product Type 




Soft or hard-sided luggage typically on wheels with a handle. Used specifically for travel. Can come in a single or set.  

Travel, Zipper, Hardshell, Handle, Set 

Luggage Tags 

A personalized tag to identify one’s luggage or bag.  

Leather, Acrylic, Name, Initial, Travel, Custom 

Passport Holders 

Typically made of leather, and used to conceal one’s passport 

Travel, Vacation, Faux Leather, Custom,  

Travel Bags 

Totes, duffels, and other bags used for travel purposes. Many include trolly sleeves that make it easy to attach to suitcases. 

Mesh, Zipper, Set, Multipack, Travel, Organization, Minimal, Compact 


Small, foldable, portable, umbrellas that are easy to pack in purses and suitcases.  

Travel, compact, portable, mini 

Garment Cases 

A flexible bag or carrying case that is used to transport suits, jackets, dresses, etc. To minimize creasing and wrinkles. 

Travel, zipper, portable, cover, case,  

Guide Books 

Printed or digital collection of travel recommendations. Usually, specializing in a specific city, country, or geographical area. 

Travel, book, guide 

Laptop Bags/Sleeves 

A protective covering, case, or bag for laptop computers. 

Computer, protective, padded, travel, zipper 

Luggage Scale 

A small tool used to weigh suitcases to aid in avoiding overweight fees. Small enough to pack and travel with. 

Travel, tool, scale, portable 

Packing Organization 

Packing cubes, travel toiletry bags, organizers, etc. used to reduce clutter while traveling. May have compressible features, zipper closures, and are collapsible. 

Travel, organization, mesh, zipper, compact, portable, set, multipack 

Travel Backpacks 

Backpacks with special features to make travel easier. Comfortable straps and an assortment of pockets/compartments to make packing easy. Usually, small enough to fit under the seat in an airplane but can be as big as a carry-on. 

Travel, backpack, zipper, organization 

Travel Pillows 

A small cushion that can be used to rest your head while traveling. May fit around your neck, inflate/deflate, be compressible, and even come with different cases/covers for optimal comfort. 

Travel, comfort, soft, portable, compact 

Waist & Fanny Packs 

A small, slim bag that can hold and provide easy access to the essentials while traveling. The strap is adjustable to fit a variety of sizes.  

Travel, adjustable, buckle, zipper, slim, small, portable,  

Wallets & Keys

Product Type 



Badge Holders & Lanyards 

Typically a long cord or nylon strap looped through a keychain/clasp that holds identification cards. Retractable reel tyles are also popular. 

Teacher, silicon, beaded, school, name, initial 

Coin Purses 

Small pouches made of either fabric or leather with a secure closure i.e. zipper, clasp. Many can attach to key leashes for easy access inside handbags. 

Small, compact, organization, zipper 


A strap or bracelet that is used to organize keys. Popular materials include leather, beads, silicone, metal, yarn, and fabric. Personalized options are especially popular. 

Clip, trendy, tassel, beaded, silicon, leather, braided 

Key Fob 

A piece of leather or other material that a key or group of keys is attached to. 

Metal, key, small, on the go. 

Key Organizers 

A small pouch is usually made of leather with a snap or button. Will have hooks to hang keys and keeps them neatly organized and concealed inside of pouch. 

Faux leather, organization, button, clasp, leather 

Lip Balm Holders 

Small pouches or elastic loops made to hold lip balms. Most styles include a ring/clasp to attach to keychain, lanyard, wallet, handbag, etc. 

Neoprene, silver, printed, small, organization 

Phone Wallets 

Two popular styles: classic wallet silhouette with a pocket to hold phone or a phone case with attached wallet and removable crossbody strap for hands-free. 

Faux leather, leather, adjustable, pocket, travel, small 

Sanitizer Holders 

Small pouches attached to key chain ring and made to hold travel size hand sanitizer bottles. Popular materials include leather, fabric, and silicone. 

Neoprene, small, printed, organization, travel 

Wallet Card Cases 

Small, slim holder with multiple slits to hold credit cards, ID, etc. Many are attached to key rings or lanyards. 

Small, slim, compact, faux leather, leather 

Wallet Inserts 

Slim cards made from durable material (usually metal or wood) with sentimental or motivational messages.Good gifting items. 

Metal, engraved, love 

Wallet Tools 

A slim card made from a metal that offers features such as a screwdriver, bottle opener, etc.  

Metal, tool, multiuse 


A slim handbag or wallet with a small strap that can be worn on the wrist. Typically made of leather with a zip closure. Personalized details are popular. 

Wristlet, small, compact, zipper, trendy, silicone, beaded, woven