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Adding Products 

Adding products into our system has been made incredibly user-friendly. We offer three convenient methods for product addition: manual entry, file import for uploading your product catalog, and seamless integration with our API for effortless product management. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach, bulk importation, or automated connectivity, we have you covered. Our goal is to provide you with flexibility and efficiency when it comes to managing your products, ensuring a seamless experience throughout the process. 


Importing Products 


  1. Navigate to the Products Tab.
  2. From the Products Tab, Click “Import”.
  3. Select a CSV file you want to upload. 
  4. Click Upload.

After clicking the upload button, a message will display the import results, including the number of successfully uploaded/updated products and the count of rejected products. To understand why certain products were rejected, you can easily download the error report for detailed insights.  


Manually Adding a Product 


  1. Navigate to the Products Tab.
  2. From the Products Tab, click "Add Product".
  3. Enter the product title, description, and other relevant product information.
  4. Click save. 

Adding Products via API 

The Jane API provides resources for Jane sellers to create products, and manage listings, orders, inventory, and shipping on The Jane API Developer Hub gives you all the tools you need to integrate with Jane APIs. 

    1. Access the Jane API Developer Hub to get started. 


Publish a Product 

Publishing a product makes it available for purchase on the site. We have simplified the process for you. There are two ways to publish your items: directly from the products tab or through the product form. 


  1. Navigate to the Products Tab.
  2. Find the product that you want to publish. 
  3. Click the product you wish to publish and a menu will appear
  4. From the menu, select “Edit Product”.
  5. Review the product to make sure all required information has been provided.
  6. Click Publish. 
  7. After publishing, a modal will appear asking you to confirm your action. Once you click Yes, the product will be published to the site and available for purchase.   

Note: It takes approximately 20-minutes for the product to be published. During this process, the product cannot be edited. 

Prepare a Product for listing

Preparing a product for listing and providing sufficient details is crucial for ensuring high product quality. Complete and comprehensive product listings tend to be picked up more frequently in our algorithm and marketing campaigns, meaning your upfront investment of time will lead to greater visibility on our platform. Additionally, thorough product preparation reduces the likelihood of customer dissatisfaction and returns, as customers have a clear understanding of what they are buying. Enhancing product quality through detailed listings ultimately leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales. 

The following information is required for publishing your product: 

Product Title: 

  • Include keywords your buyer would search to find your product. Descriptive titles help searchability not only on but also search engines like Google or Bing. 
  • Use clear, specific language that your customer will easily understand. 
  • Add variant information directly into the title. Remember, titles can be truncated on some devices, so try to organize your title with the most likely-to-be-searched keywords up front. 
  • Make sure your title is free of any spelling or grammar errors. 59% of customers will not purchase products with grammar, language, or semantic mistakes in the title.  

Category: Assigning an accurate product category, subcategory, and product type will help guide Jane customers to your product and increase visibility.  

Department: Selecting a department helps place your product in the correct place on If your product crosses departments, you can add a second department to your product. 

Product Attributes: Add product attributes that describe your product and would accurately reflect the terms your customers will be searching for. Jane requires a minimum of 3 attributes per product, but you can add up to 15. 

Retail Price: This is the price you generally list your product for on other channels outside of Remember to account for cost of labor, materials or other expenses such as free shipping. 

Sale Price: This is the price you’re selling your product for on 

Product Weight: The weight of your product before packing and shipping materials.  

Description: A well-written product name and description could make a major difference in your product being purchased on Jane. Remember to keep in mind your target customer and use specific keywords that describe the features of your product, including material, fit, wash instructions, etc. This is designed to help them find, understand, and ultimately purchase the item you are selling. 

Images/variants: Select images that accurately showcase your product (including variations where applicable) in the best way possible. We strongly recommend using lifestyle photos taken with clean and professional backgrounds with proper lighting. Lifestyle imagery performs better than stock images and communicates quality and increases trust. 

Options/variants: If your product has variations, add options like size, color, or even create your own here. Images can now be mapped to a product option for increased customer clarity.  

Inventory: Inventory can be updated anytime though you must have at least one unit in stock to publish your product. In addition, you can assign an alpha-numeric SKU number (may include dashes), add images and set the quantity for each SKU line you have in stock. SKU lines can be enabled or disabled at any time. Note: Must have at least one unit in stock to publish

Tip: To succeed on the Jane platform, focusing on the details is key. Include fabric content, wash instructions, size, and fit details in your listing description. Small things make a big impression on customers. For the most up-to-date information, please review Jane’s Product Listing Requirements.