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Converting Deals to Products 

When you convert a Deal to a Product, you maintain all historical Deal data, reviews, and sales history. It’s important to maintain the information you worked so hard to gather on your deals. Jane will bulk-convert all active deals to products on your behalf. To convert inactive deals, simply navigate to the Deals tab and select “convert a deal”.  


Converting Active Deals to Products 

Jane will convert all Active deals to Products on your behalf. Jane categorizes Active deals as deals that are live and/or deals that have been finalized by both the seller and Jane, otherwise known as “upcoming.”  

  • If the deal is live, the product will remain live on the site once it’s converted. 
  • Corresponding rebooks that are scheduled for the active deals will automatically be canceled. 
  • Deals that have been converted can be found on the products tab.  



Converting Inactive Deals 

Deals that are not active (live or finalized "upcoming") will need to be converted to a product(s) before they can go live. 


  1. Navigate to the Deals tab  
  2. Click the “Convert A Deal” button 
  3. Find the deal you want to convert to a product 
  4. “Click Convert”  
  5. A confirmation message will appear asking you to confirm your action. 
  6. Click yes 
  7. The deal will be converted into a product and can be saved or published. 

Note: We recommend you take the time up-front to convert all deals you want to be transitioned to products.