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Footwear Booking Guidelines

Below you will find comprehensive guidelines on how to categorize and apply attributes to specific product types.

Product Type 




Ankle Boots & Booties 

A boot that reaches to or just above the ankle. 

Ankle, Zipper, Outdoors, Western, Pull-Tab. 



Knee High 

Boots that rise to the knee, or slightly under or over. They are generally tighter around the leg shaft and ankle than at the top 

Knee-high, zipper, outdoors. 


Lace Up 

A boot that is fastened with laces. 

Lace-up, adjustable. 


Over the Knee 

Long boots that fully or partly cover the knee. 

Leather, zipper, pull tab. 


Duck Boots 

A light, leather upper-ankle support to a rugged rubber galosh sole. 

Outdoors, Lace-Up, waterproof. 

Rain Boots 

The classic rain boot design is completely waterproof and protects your pant leg. 

Outdoors, waterproof, protection. 


Riding Boots 

A boot made to be used for horse riding. The classic boot comes high enough up the leg to prevent the leathers of the saddle from pinching. 

Outdoors, horses, protection, knee-high. 

Winter Boots 

A winter boot will have good insulation built inside of it to keep the foot warm during cold weather. 

Outdoors, warm, cozy, protective, waterproof. 


Product Type 




Flat heel, closed toe, typically low-cut shoes, exposing the top of the foot and are usually made out of soft leather or satin. 

Elegant, flat, comfortable, satin, simple. 


A style of court shoe with a circular vamp and quarters that curve downward into deep V-cuts at the sides for foot exposure. 

Fashion, flat, comfort. 


A shoe with a cloth upper and often with a rope braid around the edge. 

Fabric, rope, boho. 


Slip-on style shoes that do not have laces or any other fastenings. Think fancy slippers. Usually, loafers have a low or even no heel and are typically made using leather or suede. 

Flat, comfort, suede, leather, office. 


A shoe made up of one piece of hide drawn up around the foot and sewn with no seams on the lower part. 

Comfort, cozy,  

Mule Flats 

A style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot's heel. 

Breathable, solid. 


Characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp. 

Eyelet, embellished, fashion,  

Pointed Toe 

A style where the front of the flat comes into a point. 

Pointed, toe, flat, comfortable 


Low, lace-less shoes. 

Low, breathable, simple, basic. 



Product Type 




A thick, square heel that resembles a block. 

Block, heels, thick, chunky. 


A shoe with a thick wooden sole. 

Wood, heels, thick, boho.  


A short stiletto heel, with a slight curve setting the heel in from the back edge of the shoe. 

Small, thin, heels, wedding party. 


A shoe with a thick sole, usually in the range of 3–10 cm. 

Thick, chunky, heels. 


Pumps are usually closed-toe or peep-toe with a heel of 1 inch or less 

Heels, fashion, wedding, wedding party. 


The outsole is one continuous, solid wedge shape that is elevated at the heel and then tapers down to the toe. 

Wege, heel, thick. 


Product Type 



Ankle Strap 

A sandal with a strap that wraps around your ankle on one side, and on the other side attaches. 

Ankle, buckle, adjustable, summer, vacation, breathable, on the go, comfort. 


Minimalist sandals that let your feet bend, flex, and move as if you were in bare feet, plus a layer of protection, and are lightweight. 

Minimalist, simple, basic, thin, comfortable, breathable, boho. 

Flip Flops 

A type of light sandal, typically worn as a form of casual footwear. 

Pool, comfort, vacation, simple, basic, summer, casual. 


A flat sandal with several wide cross straps holding the sole to the foot, with one wide strap around the ankle. 

Strap, adjustable, criss cross, breathable, cutout. 


Sandals with a thick sole 

Thick, chunky, on the go, vacation. 



A type of light footwear that are characterized by having a loose heel and holds on to the foot from the front. 

Simple, basic, breathable, comfortable, vacation, summer. 


Any sandal specifically designed for hiking or other sport activities. 

Outdoors, hiking, camping, vacation, travel, breathable, comfortable. 


A backless, often foam rubber sandal held to the foot at the big toe by means of a thong 

Foam, rubber, vacation, summer. 


Their bottoms extend from front to back with a raised heel, so that it serves as both the sole and the heel. 

Wedge, vacation, summer, thick, solid.  


Product Type 




High top style Slipper Boots are slip-on and feature a tight fit for extra comfort, 

Cozy, lounge, warm, comfort, comfortable, soft. 


A type of shoe without a heel and made from leather. 

Leather, faux leather, tassel, comfort, lounge, cozy. 


A slipper that has no fitting around the heel. 

Soft, fuzzy, fur, sherpa, cozy, lounge, comfortable, warm. 

Slide Slippers 

A type of light footwear that are characterized by having a loose heel that holds on to the foot from the front. 

Comfortable, soft, warm, lounge, cozy, sherpa. 


Product Type 




A shoe designed for sporting and physical activities. 

Athletic, athleisure, sport, comfortable, exercise, gym, workout, cushioned. 


An oversized platform, elaborate design, and bright colors. 

Chunky, thick, bright, stitching, lace-up, adjustable, comfortable, rubber, sole. 


A shoe that is fastened by laces. 

Lace-up, adjustable, comfort, rubber, sole. 


A shoe that is easy to wear without having to use fasteners like laces. 

Canvas, fabric, comfortable. 

Shoe Accessories

Product Type 



Ankle Socks 

Not long, typically reaching just below or above the ankle. 

Ankle, soft, stretchy, cotton, comfort, essentials, set, multipack. 

Athletic Socks 

Tailored to specific activities as the shoes you wear them with, with features designed to improve your performance through breathability & moisture-wicking. 

Athletic, Athleisure, stretchy, cotton, breathable, sport, support, gym, workout, exercise, set. 

Boot Accessories 

Spurs, boot straps, boot caps , chains, heel guards. 

Metal, chain, heel, strap, set. 

Cabin Socks 

Thick, durable and gentle on dry, sensitive feet. 

Thick, warm, soft, set cozy, lounge, comfort, comfortable. 

Compression Socks 

Improve blood flow in the veins of your legs. 

Compression, set athleisure, knee-high, support, tight. 

Crew Socks 

Something between the ankle and knee-high socks. 

Cotton, stretchy, set comfort, cozy, lounge. 

Dress Socks 

Tightly-woven, ultra-thin socks made from elevated materials like merino wool or combed cotton mixed with nylon or polyester. 

Office, set, dance, wedding, set stretchy, soft, cotton, nylon. 


A removable sole worn in a shoe for warmth, as a deodorizer, or to improve the fit. 

Flat, set, comfortable, support. 

Knee-High Socks 

Cover the feet and legs up to the knee. 

Knee-high, set, stretchy, cotton, soft. 

Leg Warmers 

Tube knitted garments designed to cover the leg from ankle to knee or thigh. 

Warm, cozy, soft, comfort, comfortable, set, dance. 

No-Show Socks 

Invisible under shoes, reaching partway up the foot. 

No-show, set, small, cotton, stretchy. 


Sheer, undergarment legwear. 


Sheer, dance, office, thin, breathable, stretchy. 

Slipper Socks 

A thick sock typically with a leather or vinyl sole. 

Cozy, warm, soft, lounge, comfort, comfortable, thick, set. 


Opaque and thicker legwear. 

Opaque, warm, stretchy.