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Jewelry Booking Guidelines

Below you will find comprehensive guidelines on how to categorize and apply attributes to specific product types.

Product Types 




Earring will cuff around the ear, crawl up the ear, and is typically placed above the ear lobe. 

Trendy, floral, gem, gold, silver, gold plated, sparkle 



Drop Dangle 

Earring has a hook that allows it to hang just below the earlobe. These earrings are typically long. 

Dangle, Elegant, lasercut, gold, silver, long, beaded 



Contains more than 1 set of earrings. 

Set, multipack, outdoors 



Statement Earring 

A chunky and larger type of earring. They will be very noticeable on the ear. Many colorful beaded options will fall into this category as well. 

Statement, large, beaded, holiday, oversized 



An earring in the form of circle with a band of metal or other material. Hoops can be large or small. Some hoops will have a small pendant hanging from them. 

Round, circle, gold, silver, large, small, gem, stone, trendy, simple 




A small earring that is worn directly on the ear lobe. It will not dangle. 

Gold, silver, small, dainty, simple, minimal, wood 




Contains fringe or tassel detail. Sometimes offered in a hoop as well. 

Tassel, fringe, long, dangle, vacation 




This earring will thread through the earlobe. It does not have any hooks or posts. 

Gold, silver, long, simple, minimal, thin 




Product Types 



Card Necklace 

A necklace that comes attached to a card, that contains a message. If the necklace can be considered another product type, but contains a card, it belongs under this category. This is a very giftable type of item. 

School, teacher, card, pendant 


A single chain that does not have any pendants. Multiple chains would be classified as Layered. 

Chain, Chain-link, 14K gold plated, gold silver 


Chokers will fit snug around the neck. If they contain more than one necklace strand and are attached to one another they would be considered layered.  



Summer, beaded, woven, layering 


Dainty will contain a pendant smaller than the size of a dime. 

Dainty, small, pendant, lightweight 


A personalized necklace that contains more than one name. Usually has multiple children’s names or birthstones. It can also use the wording of a relative such as Nana, Mom, Grandma, or sister.  



Name, birthstone, hand stamped, birthday, initial, gold, silver, rose gold 


A single letter option. 

Letter, initial, pendant, enamel 


Contains more than one strand and is attached in the back as one necklace. Even the necklace is long or short, it will still be considered layered if it meets this criteria. 

Layering, long, pendant, beaded, statement 


Pendant opens and can contain a picture or message.  



Pendant, heart, love, photo, gold, silver 


A necklace that is 24” in length or longer. It may contain pendants or beading. 

Long, pendant, layering, beaded, tassel, fringe, boho 

Name Necklace 

1 single name. May be written on a pendant.  



Name, engraved, pendant, cursive 


Pendant will be larger than the size of a dime. Chain length 18” or shorter (Choker length gets classified under Choker) 

Pendant, chain, gold, silver 


Personalized is for a single person. It may have a single date, one initial with a birthstone, a zodiac sign, or a pet’s name. Can contain a single birth flower, birthstone, or zodiac sign. Could contain an engraved message. Anything with more than one name, birthstone, or birth flower goes into Family. 

Name, initial, birthstone, birth flower, engraved, birthday 


Contains cross or scripture. Uses wording Faith or blessed. If it contains any of these features it will go under religious rather than by necklace length. 

Religious, cross, blessed, pendant 


A necklace that typically drapes across that chest. It can also contain chunky pendants and beads. 

Large, statement, beaded, oversized 


A necklace that is longer than a choker but shorter than 18 inches that contains beads. We will prioritize length, layering, and statement when categorizing, and will add the beaded facet if it falls into more than one category. For example beaded choker, would be classified as choker and get the beaded facet. 

Beaded, layering, boho, small 


Product Types 




Bracelet worn around the ankle. They will have a clasp opening are typically beaded or made of thin dainty chains. 

Summer, dainty, lightweight 


A rigid bracelet that can be stackable. They are typically made of metal or acrylic. They will fit loosely on the wrist. Cuffs will have the opening to slide on wrist. If the bracelet is personalized in any way it will fall under personalized in the category tree.  



Metal, gold, silver, hand stamped, stackable 


Bracelet will contain beads. In addition to beads it may have a pendant or tassel. If it contains a beaded name, date, or initial it will fall under personalized. 

Beaded, stretchy, set, boho, multipack 


Bracelet comes with small pendants/charms that can be added or removed. 

Pendant, heart, gold, silver 


Fit snug around the wrist. Will be made of a thin delicate chain, may contain a pendant smaller than a dime or a few small beads . Tennis bracelets would also fall in this category.   

Lightweight, dainty, thin, delicate 


Can be real of faux leather. May contain a pendant or message. If the bracelet wraps around wrist more than once, it would get classified as wrap instead.  



Leather, faux leather  


Large statement bracelets or styles that do not meet the requirements for other product types may get added to this category. 

Large, oversized, statement 


Allows for bracelet to wrap more than once around the wrist. Typically a beaded style, sometimes offered in a leather. 

Wrap, leather, faux leather, statement 


Product Types 




Thin, delicate bands with a small, minimalistic design, (heart, cross, etc) 

Small, dainty, gold, silver, gem 


Anything customizable - names, initials, birthstones, etc 

Name, initial, gold, silver, hand stamped 


Bold, thick bands, usually with color or unique shapes. Rings with larger stones such as wedding rings.  

Large, statement, wedding, gem, stone, acrylic, bold 

Spoon Rings 

Rings formed from a spoon design.  

Spoon, silver 

Toe Rings 

Designed specifically for toes. 

Beach, summer, dainty, silver, thin 


Any misc style that is not descriped above would fall into this category.  


Smart Watch Bands

Product Types 



Smart Watch Bands 

Used for Apple and Samsung Smartwatches. 

Silicone, beaded, metal, adjustable, printed, sport 

Smart Watch Accessories 

This includes, protective cases, bumpers, and charms 

Charms, gem, sparkle, rubber, silicon, glass, clear, set