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Product Listing Policy 

When selling on the Jane platform, success often depends on the details. Whether it’s including information like fabric content or wash and care instructions in your listing description, or including expected size and fit details, the small things will make a big impression on our respective customers. 

The product listing requirements outlined below are intended to serve as a minimum requirement for all product categories. 


General Product Quality Requirements 

Sellers are solely responsible for the content of product listings (including description, price, fees, any required legal disclosures, etc.) 

Unless specifically approved and edited by a representative at Jane, promotional language (Ex: “Temporary Price Drop,” “Limited time offer,” “Best deal,” “Exclusive discount,” “Lowest price guaranteed,” etc.) is prohibited in the title, product details, description, and fine print.    

From time-to-time, and at Jane’s discretion, Jane will add exclusive images to specific products, for sole use on  These images are considered proprietary to Jane, and shall not be downloaded, copied or used on any other platform or website, including the Seller’s own website(s).  

All aspects of a product listing must be kept accurate and complete at all times. Product listings which intentionally attempt to mislead or inflate the value of the product are prohibited and violate Jane’s Terms and Conditions. Any seller seeking to circumvent Jane’s Terms and Conditions, including, but not limited to, being found to have an excessive number of misleading products risks suspension or termination from the Jane platform. 

All products must meet the following requirements: 

    • All products must comply with the Jane Prohibited Items Policy at all times. While Jane will make all reasonable efforts to update sellers on any changes to the Prohibited Items Policy, it is the seller’s responsibility to stay informed of the rules outlined in the policy and maintain compliance. 
    • Sellers must ensure that products, product titles, descriptions, images and other product listing details do not infringe on the trademark, copyright, or patent of any third-party.  Listing counterfeit products on the Jane marketplace will not be tolerated.  Jane will terminate repeat infringers and reserves the right to remove sellers even after one infringement.    
    • The use of false, inaccurate, or misleading product identification information, including, but not limited to name, description, brand and model, in a product listing is prohibited. 
    • Products should be properly categorized to the most specific category, department, and attributes on Jane. 
    • Product listings should be as descriptive as possible, highlighting the features and benefits of an item. 
    • Product titles, descriptions, images and other product listing details should not be copied from other Jane sellers, online platforms, or online channels that you do not control. Plagiarism, copycats and/or dupes will not be tolerated. 
    • Creating multiple new product listings for a single product is prohibited. See the Listing Scheduling and Cancellations for more.   
    • Products that are marked as handmade must be items that are custom-made and/or designed by you, the seller, and must align with Jane’s Handmade and Personalized Policy 
    • The final product purchase price including shipping fees should not be greater than the price of the same product sold on the seller's own site or any other online sales channels controlled by the seller. See also, Jane’s Pricing Policy.  Seller must specify the cost of shipping and should not exceed industry-standard rates. 
    • Seller must never list or sell an out-of-stock item. 
    • Inclusion of applicable manuals or product instructions is highly encouraged for select products, in order to provide a better customer experience and aid in the reduction of negative reviews and/or product returns. In cases where a seller’s product is regulated, it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate manuals and/or instructions are provided to the customer. In the absence of physical instruction manuals, a link or reference to the manufacturer’s instruction manual should be included. 
    • Be yourself. Impersonation of other people, other entities, or Jane employees is not allowed, regardless of affiliation. Posting another person’s or entity’s personal information in any form is prohibited.  
    • Listings where a person chooses a wrapped item at random without knowing the contents are prohibited on Jane, unless it is a specifically requested and approved grab bag product listings. Every option needs to be disclosed and chosen by the consumer.  
    • Creating a product listing for any other purpose other than to sell a product through the Jane Marketplace or its marketing affiliates is prohibited. 

The following attributes are required to list your product on Jane: 

  • Product Title  
  • Product Type (Physical, Digital, Handmade, etc.)  
  • Product Category  
  • Product Department (min 1, max 2) 
  • Descriptive Attributes (min 3, max 15) 
  • Sale Price  
  • Retail Price  
  • Shipping Price  
  • Product Weight  
  • Product Description  
  • Primary Product Image  
  • Supporting Images  
  • Product Options   
  • Quantity 

The more accurate your product listing is, the less likely you are to have an item returned because it was not as described. To help make the buying and selling experience enjoyable for everyone, please follow these listing standards when creating a product listing. Remember that great content helps drive sales! 

Product Title 

Product titles must be clear and concise and should also accurately describe the product being sold. The product title appears with the primary image throughout the Jane platform including the home feed, category feeds, the product detail screen as well as other promotional placements and marketing efforts. Failure to follow these minimum requirements can lead to exclusion from Jane marketing placements.  

  • Do’s: 
    • The more descriptive your title is, the better. Avoid non-descriptive or superfluous adjectives. Brand and model/style are good attributes that should be included when possible. 
    • Product titles must be clearly written and must not contain the seller’s name or other contact details, internal identification numbers, or quantity/availability information. 
    • Maximum of 100 characters allowed 

  • Dont’s: 
    • Do not include price details in the product name 
    • Do not add keywords intended to manipulate search results 
    • Do not use ALL CAPS 
    • Do not use special characters like !, ™, ½, @, ^, *, hearts, emojis or shapes 

Additional suggestions and guidelines are offered here.  


  • Acceptable: Boho Stripe Blouse | 3 Colors 
  • Acceptable: Bamboo 6 Pc Solid 1800 Ct Sheet Set 
  • Unacceptable: Best Price!!! ***CHEAP*** Toddler Jumpers!!! 


Product Category  

The product category indicates the exact product type your listing belongs to on Jane. It is separated into 3 sections: Category, Sub-Category, & Product Type (in that order). You will select the accurate product category that the item belongs to. The product category is used to help customers find your product and ensure it is placed in the correct category feed. If you do not see a product category that accurately represents your item, please reach out to for assistance.  

We have created category specific guidelines to help you categorize your products properly. You can find links to all the category guidelines here.   

Product Department  

The product department is an additional required field for categorizing your products and helps customers find your item. You will select the correct product department that the item belongs to. Each listing requires at least 1 department, and you may add an additional department where applicable.  

We have created category specific guidelines to help you categorize your products properly. You can find links to all the category guidelines here. 

Product Attributes  

The product attributes are keywords that describe your product and will help customers find your products. Make sure to include all relevant attributes that apply to our product. Each listing requires a minimum of 3 and you can add up to 15.  

We have created category specific guidelines to help you categorize your products properly. You can find links to all the category guidelines here.   



Enter pricing details in US Dollars ($). In the required input fields in the product listing submission process, enter the retail price and sale price of your product that will be displayed on Jane. Jane will automatically display the strikethrough pricing on the retail price as compared to the listed sale price as well as any applicable shipping price. See Pricing Policy.  



Enter the shipping price in US Dollars ($). The shipping price is the estimated shipping cost per product. You can also opt to include a different shipping price for each additional item the customer purchases from the same product listing. Read more about shipping pricing in our Shipping and Fulfillment Policy.  

Primary Image and Supporting Images 

Sellers will ensure the color and appearance of the product in a photograph matches what the customer will see on a phone or computer screen and what they will receive if purchasing that item. 

To allow buyers to get a true feel for the items you’re selling, please take note of the following image requirements: 

  • We accept JPEG or PNG file formats 
  • Save all images in sRGB color space for best results 
  • All images must be clear and high resolution with a minimum of 1024x1024 pixels 
  • Images must be professionally photographed or scanned with realistic color and smooth edges 
  • Include high-quality, well-lit photos 
  • We do not allow selfies in your imagery outside of Jane approved User Generated Content  
  • Do NOT include company logos, names, websites, watermarks, landmarks, social handles, “stickers” or promotional text on the image. Invisible watermarks that cannot be seen by the naked eye are acceptable for images submitted to Jane 
  • Remove all tags and original packaging if applicable (plastic, pricing stickers, etc.) from your photography 
  • No blurring of the product is allowed. Such image manipulations usually indicate the unauthorized use of copyrighted images, concealment of counterfeit goods, or the unauthorized use of a person’s identity 
  • If photoshop or other image editing software is used, it must be used to enhance an image by ensuring that the image is product-focused and accurately represented (scale, backgrounds, angles, shadows, color, etc.) 
  • Product listings for unbranded goods may not use branded boxes, bags, hangers, etc. in any part of the image including the background 
  • The image must not contain confusing additional objects 
  • Images should be product-focused (clean and professional backgrounds with proper lighting and staging), professional (steamed, proper setting/context, etc.), and accurately represented  
  • Cropped or close-up images are allowed as long as the product is the central focus 
  • Do not include any "image not found" or other placeholder images 
  • Post an image of the actual item, not a drawing or illustration or a catalog or stock photo (read stock photo exception below)  
  • With the exception of swatch images, collages are unacceptable and are subject to Jane's sole discretion 
  • All charts and labels must be clear, consistent, and professional. To improve customer experience, it is recommended that all color variants are labeled in the images.  
  • Ensure that all options, images, variants and styles have been input correctly.  
  • Do not include borders around any images 
  • No images with fully exposed bottoms, nipples (blurred or not), breasts, and explicitly suggestive poses, gestures, and/or props will be allowed  
  • Pasties can only be shown as flat lays or with a full bra if photographed on a model 
  • When running “elf” accessories, the elf face must be completely cropped and removed from all images 

The primary image must be original to the seller, or they must have sole rights to use the image. For the primary image, no third-party stock or commercial photography will be allowed unless the seller owns sole rights to use that image. The primary image may not be created, produced, rendered or altered with image editing software. For example, a seller should not use Photoshop or other image editing tools or software to modify the background of the image or alter the model’s body or change the text on a shirt. 

Jane requires that sellers own a license to use all photos in a product listing. Don't use photos that infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. It is Jane’s expectation that sellers assume responsibility for educating themselves about and be in compliance with licensing laws for all product images within their respective catalogs. Jane reserves the right to request proof of such documentation at any time within the lifecycle of a listing. Sellers found in violation of this guideline, either through internal requests for documentation or external claims of infringement, will be subject to suspension and / or termination. In addition, Sellers will assume all liability and responsibility for defending claims of infringement with claimants, up to and including civil litigation and will be personally responsible for any associated civil penalties and legal fees. 

Sellers are permitted and encouraged to upload color swatch and variation images to represent each product option for sale in the product listing. These images that represent the product options should include descriptive text overlay on the image to specify the matching dropdown option that matches that image. For best results use a clean, simple font and be sure the text is legible. For best results use the same location to place the descriptive text overlay on all images in the product listing (e.g., bottom left corner on all images). 



This is the inventory count the seller has on hand to sell in the product listing. Remember as per the Seller Contract the Seller agrees that all inventory required to produce, manufacture and/or deliver an Item sold to a purchaser through the Site will be on-hand and immediately available in Seller’s inventory prior to publishing the product and available to ship within the required shipping time frames after the items have sold. 



Product descriptions should accurately explain the features and benefits of the product and include any required category-specific information. To ensure customers have a clear understanding of their purchase, it is essential to provide comprehensive information about size, fit, measurements, material, dimensions, fit, inclusions/exclusions, appropriate age group, care instructions, etc. For more valuable insights and tips on crafting high-quality product descriptions, Read more helpful guidelines on crafting a high-quality product description here: Deal Setup Best Practices: Product Descriptions 

The use of any of the following information in product descriptions is prohibited: 

  • Content in violation of the Jane Prohibited Products Policy.  
  • Email addresses, website URLs, phone numbers, physical addresses or any other seller contact information with the exception of the handmade/personalized category (read below for more information) 
  • Any deliberate attempts to provide ordering methods, sales, and discounts outside of the Jane platform. 
  • Reviews or testimonials. 
  • Advertisements or promotional material. 
  • Misuse of text capitalization and other visual formatting. 
  • Any HTML code, dynamic scripting or other executables.  

If the product is listed as personalized or handmade and the seller requires information from a customer such as a photograph for completing the personalization aspect of the product, an email address is permitted in the product listing description with the sole purpose of completing the order.  Please refer to the Seller Communication Policy for more information.   

Jane does not permit sellers to include philanthropic donation requests or other philanthropic details in your product listings. 

If background objects are used in a product listing photo (such as flat lays or model scenes), be sure to mention in the product description that the additional objects in the photo(s) are not for sale in the product listing. 


Product Options & Variants 

It is common for a single product to have various product options and variants to represent the different size, color or style of that product. 

Drop-down options for product descriptions should be brief and concise to ensure a great user experience.  Long drop-down descriptions are difficult for users and Jane requires drop-down options be limited to a maximum of 30 characters.   

The seller is required to ensure that each variant has a corresponding image. Options and variants are not permitted to be included in the description. Options should only be included in the drop-down box for customer selection.  

Additional suggestions and guidelines are offered here 

Below are examples of Options and Variants we accept when you add your products to the Jane Marketplace: 


  • 1, 2, 3, 4,... etc 
  • 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0,... etc 
  • Any valid number 

Area Size  

  • 0.1234 cm x 123 cm x 10 cm 
  • 8in by 12in  
  • Any valid area in cm, mm, m, inches, feet (2D or 3D) 

Volume Size  

  • 1 gallon 
  • 1.213 pt  
  • Any valid area in mL, L, ounces, gallons, quarts, cups, pints  

Length Size  

  • 1ft 
  • 6' 7"  
  • Any valid length in m, cm, mm, feet, inches 


  • 1.3oz  
  • 5lb  
  • Any valid weight in g, kg, lb, pounds, ounces 


  • 2.5V  
  • 200 V  
  • Any valid valid voltage in V